Happy Thanksgiving from the Team at etailinsights

The etailinsights’ team recently got together for an early
Thanksgiving dinner on the Tuesday before Turkey Day.  The team decided
to do a potluck dinner in which each employee in the office brought
their own plates of food to the gathering and there was certainly plenty
of delicious food to go around.

The etailinisights’ family sat down and enjoyed a meal consisting of Ham, Stuffing, Wine, and Blueberry Pie.

We hope you will join us next Thanksgiving for some of the best food around with the best team around!

Office party: Halloween edition

Thursday, October 25, 2012 was the date of etailinsights 1st Annual Halloween Office Party.  The etailinsights team got together and took a break from work to celebrate Halloween!  Pumpkin Carving, Cornhole, Okra Chips, and Good Times were on the menu for the event and good times were certainly had!  We …

Operation catnip: etailinsights style

The etailinsights team is teaming up with local cat agencies, Cat Angels, Trap Neuter Return (TNR), and Operation Catnip after noticing five Feral cats (“wild cats”) and at least five kittens in our parking lot.  Other businesses in Cary, NC have noticed an increased population of feral cats, including etailinsights …

etailinsights’ Employees Work Hard to Feed Kittens

Darren Pierce, Jane King, Colton Roberts, Rachael Love, and Jon Huck knew they had to do something when they noticed four kittens and their mother in the parking lot on Thursday morning.  The team got together after noticing the kittens and proceded to create a plan on feeding them.  After …