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Make The Most of Your Territory

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Enhance Your Time In The Field

Lots of your time is spent in the field and at on-site meetings. Don’t let your time go to waste while waiting for your next meeting.


With What’s Near Me from etailinsights, you can locate online retailers with offices near your exact location. Simply open the etailinsights application on your mobile phone and select “What’s Near Me?” You’ll see a map of the area surrounding your current location and pinpoints identifying the headquarters of each online retailer in your vicinity. Now you can easily drop-in on prospects in the area while waiting for your next meeting.


Make The Most Of Your Territory

Want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your sales territory?


What’s Near Me is built to help you get the most out of your sales territory. Whether you’re in the field or working remotely, you can easily discover new online retailers in your area. Don’t limit yourself with search parameters, our What’s Near Me feature will show you every online retailer headquartered in your area so you can add new retailers to your prospect list.


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How do I identify online retailers near my current location?

Using What's Near Me on your mobile phone, you can see a red pinpoint marking the headquarters of each online retailer near you. Select a pinpoint to see the company's name and address. Simply select the company's name and you will be directed to their company profile in our application. From there you can easily access valuable sales intelligence such as website technology, revenue, contact information and more.



How can I find new online retailers I didn’t know about?

Our application has information on over 13,000 eCommerce companies and their executives. Using What's Near Me will show you every online retailer in our application that is headquartered near you. Our customers use this feature to find new prospects while out in the field.



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