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How can I get in touch with eCommerce executives?

Constant executive turnover in the eCommerce industry makes getting in touch with decision makers difficult. So, how can you find reliable eCommerce contacts at a company?

With etailinsights, we do the hard work for you. Our in-house research team finds and profiles eCommerce and fulfillment decision-makers at over 13,000 online retail companies. Our executive profiles include an email address, direct line and relevant social media profiles. In addition to those decision makers, our research team also profiles lower-level executives you may need to connect with on the way to reaching the decision maker. Our research team is constantly reviewing and refreshing our executive contact data to keep our application up-to-date with the most recent executives and contact information.

Does your application tell me what vendors a website is using?

Our application goes beyond simply providing executive contacts. We also track eCommerce website technology.

What technologies does etailinsights track?

We track multiple technologies present on a site such as:

eCommerce platforms
analytics and tracking providers
digital advertising platforms
media platforms
development frameworks
payment platforms
content delivery networks
shipping providers

We’ll also provide site traffic analytics and social media data. Our technology tracking makes it easy for you to see which vendors a company is using so you can identify your competition or identify technologies you integrate with. If you don’t see a technology present on a website, let us know and we will begin tracking it for you.

Do you sell mobile optimization or mobile related- products?

Our application detects whether or not a site is mobile optimized. We also provide a preview of the site’s mobile view in our application.

Needs to know what Email Service Provider a site is using?

We track all major email service providers in our application. You can also find a preview of what an online retailer’s newsletter looks like.

We provide other valuable information such as online revenue, product counts and orders received per day.

What kinds of companies does etailinsights profile?

Our application contains profiles for over 13,000 online retailers. Our coverage criteria is simple, the company must be:

1. Based in the United States
2. Sell products online through an online shopping cart on their site
3. Meet our minimum threshold for online revenue
4. Do mainly business-to-consumer based sales

Do you profile companies who sell virtual goods?

Yes, we profile companies that sell online subscriptions, digital media and more!

If you think we are missing a company, you can always request one and our in-house research team will create a profile just for you.

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